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Miso soup paste


Miso is a classic of Japanese cuisine. It is a paste obtained by fermentation of soybeans. Our 3 packets of 18g are perfect for the preparation of the miso soup (with wakame seaweed and tofu) and for flavoring your dishes. It is known for its virtues and health benefits due to its high protein, fiber and vitamin content. Consume it without moderation!

Fun Fact

The taste of the miso soup is so unique that the Japanese have invented a fifth word to describe it: "Umami". This word means "essence of delight" in Japanese, a flavor that goes beyond the four known ones "sweet, salty, sour and bitter”.


SOY bean paste 67.28% (SOYbeans (46,1%), rice malt, salt, ethyl alcohol), water, salt, ethyl alcohol, yeast extract, Wakame seaweed, skipjack tuna powder (FISH), kelp extract (kelp, glucose syrup, salt, yeast extract, ethyl alcohol, thickener: E415).

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Informations nutritionnelles pour 100g

  • Calories : 45kJ/10kcal
  • Matières grasses : <0,5g
  • Dont saturés : <0,1g
  • Glucides : 0,9g
  • Dont sucres : 0,5g
  • Protéines : 0,8g
  • Sel : 1g


Peut également contenir des traces d’oeufs, cacahuètes et fruits à coques.